Our 100th Season: 2015-16

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  • September 4 - 27: Greater Tuna. By Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard, Directed by Anthony Lane Hinkle. Off-Broadway premiere in 1982; Vagabond production in our 81st Season, 1996-97.

    Crazy bigots and gun fanatics, religious zealots hell-bent on censorship, a humane hippy, a clueless sheriff and a dysfunctional family with homicidal and dogicidal tendencies--they’re just a few of the wild and crazy citizens of Greater Tuna (Texas’ third smallest town!) that are barreling down Broadway and headed your way in our blockbuster Season opener!

  • October 16 - November 15: Something's Afoot. Book, Music,and Lyrics by James McDonald, David Vos, and Robert Gerlach.  Directed by Eric J. Potter. Broadway premiere in 1976; Vagabond production in our 62nd Season, 1977-78.

    Whudunnit??!! We're not telling--but you'll find out when you join us for this outrageously funny musical thriller.  Amidst thunder and lightning, the bodies start piling up almost as fast as the laughs, as a group of frantic, stranded survivors race to uncover a cunning murderous culprit.

  • January 8-February 7: Our Town, by Thornton Wilder. Directed by Eric C. Stein. Broadway premiere in 1938; Vagabond productions in our 31st (1946-47) and 53rd (1968-69) Seasons.

    Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama celebrates both the marvel of everyday existence in small-town Grover’s Corners and the “something way down deep that’s eternal about every human being.”

  • February 26-March 20: The Normal Heart, by Larry Kramer. Directed by Howard Berkowitz. Off-Broadway premiere in 1985; Vagabond production in our 74th Season, 1989-90.

    Filled with power, passion and intelligence, this explosive Tony Award winner about the early years of the AIDS crisis is an electrifying indictment of the Government, the media and the public for a conspiracy of silence and refusal to deal with a national epidemic.

  • April 8-May 8: The Lion in Winter, by James Goldman. Directed by Steve Goldklang. Broadway premiere in 1966; Vagabond production in our 73rd Season, 1988-89.

    It's Christmas, 1183, and King Henry II is planning to announce his successor to the throne, but his magnificent Queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, has other ideas as to who gets the crown. The daggers are drawn and the wit rapier-sharp in this gripping, laugh-out-loud funny battle between two of history’s greatest Royals.

  • May 27-June 26:  Moon Over Buffalo, by Ken Ludwig. Directed by John Desmone. Broadway premiere in 1995; Vagabond production in our 83rd Season, 1998-99.

    George and Charlotte Hay are a couple of washed-up touring actors who are given a sudden chance at stardom, if all goes well during their make-or-break performance of 'Private Lives.' Needless to say, anything that can go wrong does in this madcap backstage farce that is a love letter to live theater.

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